Glusco implemented Microsoft cloud infrastructure

Project of Glusco fueling complex

Fuel company Glusco completed the transfer of server infrastructure to cloud environment as part of implementation of Microsoft IT business platform. Project includes full automation of Glusco gas station network in Ukraine.

Glusco choosed Microsoft platform as the most reliable and most modern, as well as Dynamics product family, as the most effective in retail management in general and in gas station management in particular. SMART business proudly became Glusco implementation partner in Ukraine.

During this project, it is planned to incorporate all business processes in a single IT system: sales of fuel and related products, management of fuel pumps, monitoring of tank indicators, inventory management, pricing and assortment at gas  stations, management of cafe and kitchen, personnel management, working with suppliers and loyalty program, as well as business analysis. Thus, Glusco Ukraine will become the first fully automated network of gas stations in Ukraine, working with a single solution of Microsoft Dynamics.

“This modern IT-solution will allow Glusco to improve overall efficiency of business processes due to the tremendous time savings for data preparation and processing of operational activities,” says Glusco IT-director Denis Tantsura, “which means that we will be able to invest time in business development. It is important that the system is scalable, which will significantly increase the number of operations, connect additional devices and new users, which means that the company will not have technical limitations when expanding the network of gas stations. By the end of the year we plan to transfer the first gas station to LS Retail solution based on Microsoft Dynamics” – he adds.

The project also introduced a system for managing the loyalty program Glusco Club, which was launched on December 15. It is also available for download from AppStore and Google Play Market. Until the end of 2017, the loyalty program will be available at all operating gas stations of Glusco network.

“We are encouraged by the companies that decided to switch from analog to full-scale digital business, and Glusco is a vivid example,” says Kirill Rudnev, SMART business operations director. – Such changes imply the transformation of processes and products using intelligent systems and cloud technologies, which in turn fundamentally affects the interaction with customers and the effectiveness of employees. We are pleased that Glusco chose the solution from the world leaders, because Microsoft has a clear vision and tools to help companies in their digital transformation.”

“Glusco’s business is built on the desire to shape the future, not to wait for it, to be the best in everything, and today technologies are the main differentiator,” said Nisan Moiseyev, founder of Glusco Energy SA. “To be a leader means to lead and look bravely into tomorrow, react to changes and be able to transform quickly. That’s why we chose Microsoft and LS Retail technologies to realize our vision and strategy. “

Today, Microsoft is investing heavily in the development of the modern workplace, business applications, IT infrastructure, cloud services and artificial intelligence to ensure that their customers use the latest technology and become the best in their industry.


“Glusko Ukraine” is a subsidiary of Glusco Energy S.A. (Switzerland). At the end of 2016 AMCU authorized the purchase of Rosneft’s business in Ukraine by the Swiss company Glusco Energy SA, which is a part of international trading company Proton Energy Group S.A. The deal was completed in 2017. Proton Energy Group (Switzerland) is an international trader, founded in 2009. The ultimate beneficiary of the company is Nisan Moiseev. Glusco retail business in Ukraine includes 127 petrol stations and 6 oil depots.
Currently, the company is modernizing its fueling complexes. It is aimed at maximizing the sales and food court areas. Wherever permitted by the state, the company will equip open areas for customer recreation, cafes and restaurants. The projet is designed until mid-2019. Pilot projects will be developed at the gas stations in Kyiv and Dnypro. The first complex in Kyiv is already open after reconstruction.

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