SMART business specialists took part in the event for representatives of the Dutch automobile industry

When it comes to digital transformation, a company’s mission, its clear goal and employees matter the most.

On 21st March, HR Directors of the largest automobile companies in the Netherlands gathered in Amsterdam. The workshop, held by the Dutch automobile association RAI Vereniging, was opened by Managing Director of NRF Group Drs. Frank Toebes and continued by Permanent Representative of Toyota Leck van den Elsen. In his report he described the view at present and future of the automobile industry and stressed application of lean methodology in Toyota.

Following van den Elsen, consultants from SMART business – technical partner of the event, took the floor. During the lecture and the workshop, they reviewed trends and challenges for a modern HR Director. For instance, personnel management and retention, engagement of employees in work through continual training and gamification with artificial intelligence applied.

The technological instruments were the following SMART business’s products:

  • HR processes automation system SMART HCM (Human Capital Management)
  • Program for maintaining permanent training and improving of employees’ qualification with elements of gamification SMART LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Corporate intranet portal based on Microsoft SharePoint
  • Employees retention management system with artificial intelligence applied

After the workshop, participants agreed that classic methods of personnel management are still applicable, and application of innovative HR instruments will only strengthen the role of HR specialists on the way to digital transformation of their companies.

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