Dynamics Day ’19: Catch the Wave

We are pleased to announce that the annual Dynamics Day’19 conference will be held on 27th September!

Dynamics Day is a platform that shapes the community of digital business transformers. The event will be attended by leaders in the sectors of retail, distribution, production, FMCG, education and the fuel and energy industry, which have already embarked on the path of technological change.

The main objective of the conference is to share experience, so each speech will be a success story of a particular company. The speakers will tell about how the digital changes took place, what obstacles they encountered and what lessons they learned.

During the event, the following people will share their own experience:

      • Roman Hreba, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2016-2019, who will tell how digitalization of government bodies can be a powerful start for digitalization of the whole country.
      • Andrii Bratanich, the Head of the IT Department at Myronivskyi Hliboproduct, will explain why artificial intelligence is not a much-hyped trend, but an urgent need for modern companies, and how to use it in real life.
      • Nataliya Zinchenko (HRD) and Taras Stoliar (CIO), the representatives of a pharmaceutical giant Yuria-Farm, will share their experience in implementing Office 365 and Microsoft Teams software products in a company that has experienced a period of rapid growth accompanied by the opening of new branches and an increase in the number of employees by 150%.
      • Taras Hoshovskyi and Serhii Ivashov from the Ukrainian International Airlines will elaborate on the company’s passenger journey and provide an answer to the question “Why should CRM evolve continuously?”.
      • Volodymyr Korniienko, the Head of the Loyalty Program at Chervonyi Market, knows “How to make a customer, a business and the humanity happy”. He will be happy to tell how the algorithms work in the context of a retail service.

    The representatives of the following companies will also speak at the conference: Metinvest, Ukrenergo, ATB, Vash pult, 4Service Group. Follow the announcements in the Facebook group.

    We will be happy to see you as a guest at the annual Dynamics Day’19 conference! Participation is possible subject to prior registration only. Register here.

    More about the organizers

    SMART business is a gold Microsoft partner and a company that, for 10 years in a row, has been proving that artificial intelligence is not just a beautiful expression, but real technologies working in real companies. We implement and support ERP, CRM systems and proprietary IT solutions based on Microsoft products in 60 countries.

    See you at the Dynamics Day’19!


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