Digital Culture `19: 5 steps for a business transformation

Digital transformation of business does not only include the introduction of modern equipment and software, but also fundamental changes of mindset and approaches to managing an organization. Creating a digital business culture is a new form of a company’s corporate ideology.

Innovative ideas reinforced with the newest technologies and support of the innovators’ teams are now a pre-requisite for winning a competitive advantage.

At the Digital Culture `19: 5 steps for a business transformation conference, you will learn which business processes must be transformed in the first place, which tools and solutions will help you achieve your strategic goals and how intelligent algorithms can affect business in terms of a country, industry, period.

We develop digital culture in companies of various types and sizes in more than 60 countries worldwide. 10 years’ experience in implementation and development helps us find the most suitable solution specifically for your task. On 12th December, we will share our practical knowledge and insights on successful digital transformation with you. At the conference, you will learn:

  • how to achieve a technological breakthrough in your industry;
  • which tools can help you build the culture of lifelong learning and development among even several thousands of employees simultaneously;
  • how to find the most suitable ERP system and start working with it;
  • how artificial intelligence helps increase sales, manage quality, boost loyalty while minimizing a company’s costs;
  • how to automate processes and decrease dependency on operational tasks.

Participation in the conference is free subject to prior registration.