A new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser


Microsoft has introduced the Edge browser that is based on the Chromium engine. The new Microsoft Edge is already available for download in all supported versions of Windows and macOS for more than 90 languages. It is also available for Android, iOS.

The browser provides for the home page personalization, supports Chrome extensions and 4K video streaming, and has an embedded blocker of tracking user activity on various websites.

In Microsoft Edge, you can customize your interaction with web pages, choose the layout, design, and content of a new tab to utilize the online environment in a more efficient way.



When launching the browser, an outdated Microsoft Edge version will be replaced with a new one on computers with Windows 10. Due to the improved speed of operation and efficiency, the best-in-class compatibility with websites and extensions, as well as in-built features of ensuring confidentiality and security, this browser can be a replacement for all the other ones.



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