The new Office app for Android and iOS

The new Office mobile application has integrated the main corporate products: Word text editor, Excel spreadsheet service and PowerPoint presentation application. The application also presents new features specifically for mobile devices, which makes it the main office application on your phone.

The new application allows you to scan documents with a smartphone camera and convert them to Word, Excel files, add photos to the PowerPoint presentation and read the QR codes. You can store files not only in OneDrive’s cloud service but also on the device itself.

The basic mobile app functionality: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are available free of charge. Access to expanded features requires a subscription to Office 365.


Key features:

  • Transformation images of the documents into a Word file to be edited with one click.
  • Formatting photo tables to Excel files to work with data.
  • Image adding from the phone to the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Automatic image enhancement with Office Lens.
  • Instant PDF files creation from photos or documents of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Adding a signature to PDF files.

Download the new Office application now and discover a better way to work and communicate with your company environment.

Download for Android | Download for iOS

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