AI Day

The impact of artificial intelligence continues to grow, especially in communications. It doesn’t matter whether it’s internal corporate communication where 10 thousand employees should be connected to create an efficient employee adaptation and development system, or creating an intelligent model of personalized interaction to build accurate Customer Journey. Companies are gradually transforming their standards of existence, and new business processes will be inextricably connected with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

Microsoft Ukraine is holding an event aimed at forming understanding among business representatives of which technologies and solutions based on AI and ML algorithms are available in the market and what should be implemented as early as today in order to gain your competitive advantage tomorrow.

At the event, we will share expertise:
1. Regarding development and improvement of HR processes.

Ievgen Belobrov, product owner of SMART HCM & LMS, a human capital management system, will tell how AI technologies boost efficiency of a company through individual approach to employees and how they are able to reveal the key triggers in employee’s work and forecast staff loss.

2. Regarding supply chain optimization and forecasting with AI and Advanced Analytics.
Dmitriy Solopov, Business Development Manager (Advanced Analytics), and Nataliia Dranchuk, Data & AI Specialist Microsoft.

3. Regarding building personalized communication with a client and continuous improvement of behavioral model.

Dmitriy Solopov, Business Development Manager (Advanced Analytics) will share cases of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in marketing communications and creating Personal Engagement for each consumer of the brand, as well as tell how the representatives of FMCG companies can digitalize shelf space in stores and increase sales.

Join the expert discussion to learn the ideas and cases of the leading AI and ML experts, as well as choose the most favorable technologies for your company’s development. Participation is free subject to prior registration:


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