Modern HR technologies for Building an Efficient Employee Journey

Capabilities of SMART HCM & LMS System

The working world is becoming increasingly digital. At the same time, it is becoming more and more difficult for many people to find meaning and motivation in their work. The online meetings can be productive, but they usually concentrate on specific tasks and objectives that do not leave much time for colleagues to share new ideas or initiatives. There are a number of digital products that organizations can implement to foster employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity.

SMART HCM & LMS involves much more than just recruiting new talent. It allows users to handle a variety of processes including onboarding, training, employee relations, vacation and leaves requests and performance evaluation. LMS module will enable us to build comprehensive learning paths that are easily accessible from the employee self-service portal that can be accessed from any device, including a mobile phone.

Attracting talents and employee integration

HCM module allows us to manage the recruiting process with the holistic view of the organization structure, job profiles and required skills for each role. The process starts from opening a new placement in the company and ends with the onboarding of the new employee. All the steps are tracked through a centralized platform that helps standardize the process and collect historical data.

Employee development and motivation

With the functionality of the LMS module, it is possible to create a learning path consisting of learning courses and modules. The course materials can have various formats including pdf, presentation, video or audio or a stream. It is possible to create quizzes and include them in the learning path or assign tests separately. Employees can also see the goals assigned to them from the self-service portal and their progress.

Creativity, Culture, and Open Feedback

SMART HCM & LMS Gamification module provides a unique way of rewarding creativity and creating a strong organizational culture. There is a possibility of creating various badges to spark motivation in employees to contribute to the culture, drive innovations and question the status quo. People who are original thinkers, mentors, team players or leaders can be rewarded with badges that could lead to a promotion or other benefits.

The chatbot that integrates with Microsoft Teams allows employees to send praises to each other and provide constructive feedback. It is especially helpful in supporting teammates while working remotely, where it’s harder to communicate feedback.

How to empower employees to be more independent?

Employee self-service portal is all about allowing people in your organization to choose the learning path they want to cover, set their own goals, suggest new ideas to the management and be the driving force of their career development.

What are the benefits of a holistic system?

SMART HCM & LMS allows managing your workforce from a single source. HR professionals can access company-wide data, manage HR processes and make strategic decisions based on smart, actionable data, all in one place.