Viva Learning – Hub for Employee Learning

According to the LinkedIn Learning Report, 57% of L&D experts are betting heavily on online learning. It is also expected that the budgets that organizations spend on ILT (instructor-led training) will decrease, while the funds spent on online learning will increase.

Therefore, we can safely say that online education is one of the main trends of 2021.

It is also worth paying attention to the theory of adult learning, according to which more and more often there is a need to teach adults. But when faced with reality, we understand that a modern person can learn something new only during non-working hours. This knowledge is often incomplete and fragmented. In a LinkedIn survey, respondents said they spend only 1% of their workweek on learning, with 94% saying they would stay with the company longer if it invested in their development.

Microsoft understands the importance of learning in today’s world and offers Viva Learning, a solution that transforms the process of employee development and easily integrates it into the work process.

Viva Learning is the central learning hub in Microsoft Teams where AI recommends the right content to the user at the right time, making learning a natural part of the day. It brings together content from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, and your organization’s personal content, and empowers users to share, assign, or take training.

It is now being integrated with knowledge libraries such as Skillsoft, Coursera, Pluralsight and edX, but later in 2021 Microsoft intends to make the API publicly available so that Microsoft’s vast ecosystem of customers and partners can also integrate with Viva Learning.

Viva Learning complements the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, thus allowing people to organize and share learning in chats and channels where teams interact every day. People can easily search and share learning in chat just like they share other types of content.

At the moment Viva Learning is only available for English-speaking markets. Therefore, if you have already felt an urgent need for training and testing your employees, we suggest you pay attention to SMART HCM & LMS.

The solution is designed for effective human capital management and provides the following capabilities: 

  • Access to training materials and tests 24/7 from any device 
  • Drawing up individual training plans, accounting for the progress and timing of employee training 
  • Work with materials in video, audio, PDF, SCORM, YouTube formats 
  • Multilingual support and flexible internal test builder 
  • Saving complete information about learner activity and recording time, duration, learning and testing results 
  • Access to materials and testing in chatbot 

Follow the link to get detailed information about SMART HCM & LMS. 

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