Single personalized feed for employee news and conversations: Viva Connections

Microsoft Viva Connections is a single entry point to your organization’s corporate portal that leverages the power of Microsoft 365. Currently available on Microsoft Teams, but mobile apps coming soon.

The Viva Connections platform makes it possible to:

  • Collect news and conversations from SharePoint Online and Yammer.
  • Customize dashboards with Power Apps, SPFx and other solutions.
  • Pin files and videos from Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Stream.
  • Use information from calendars and weather services.
  • Display documents from SharePoint Online libraries and lists.

This gives you a set of Microsoft 365 components that give your users access to the capabilities of the SharePoint Online portals with all existing benefits. View news, videos, recent sites and documents, navigate to knowledge base pages, and more. Besides, you can customize your SharePoint Online site to cover all of your organization’s portal requirements.

Communication of employees

Everyone can contribute to the company news updates. You can publish content from apps like Yammer, SharePoint, and Stream directly to an employee’s personalized news feed. It is possible to pin important news at the top of the feed: it can disappear after reading, after X views, or remain pinned.

Similar to social media, you can use audience targeting to share information with specific departments or roles in your organization.

Branded dashboards

The Viva Connections dashboard is the company’s home page for employees. This is the place where people can find the right resources and complete tasks. Each dashboard is customized and branded to suit the style of the company.

Read the article to learn about how to install Microsoft Viva Connections.

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