3 reasons to invest in Intranet

According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, employees spend a quarter of their workweek working with e-mail, and another 20% searching for information or getting help from colleagues. Using a corporate portal – a virtual space for communication and interaction in real time – can reduce the time spent on routine actions by 35%!

Increasing productivity is a key argument in favor of intranet implementation, but let’s look at other top 3 reasons why companies are investing in Intranet.


Easy access to company information creates a culture of trust, and authorized employees and top managers become more and more involved. Some research even suggests that clarity and transparency are the main factors affecting the “work” well-being.


On the corporate portal, you can highlight information about mission and values, staff changes, quarterly reports, and even trophies won by the bowling team of the company.


Despite all the advantages of working remotely, the lack of live communication often leads to misinformation, wasted time searching for the right data, or a misunderstanding of the company’s strategy.


The corporate portal is the only “source of company truth”, a resource for feedback and information sharing. It helps to establish team interaction and make work and communication more coherent.


85% of employees whose employers recognize their accomplishments are happier and more satisfied with their work.


Using the Intranet to praise and recognize work-related achievements helps improve happiness in the workplace!


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