Azure Marketplace: new SMART business services have already been validated by Microsoft

Welcome SMART business in Azure Marketplace

A few months ago, we wrote that SMART business obtained the Advanced Specialization Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure. It testifies to our cloud expertise and deep understanding of the Azure technology stack.

After that, 4 of our services were verified by Microsoft and added to Azure Marketplace, an international catalog of solutions and services.

In the article we talk about what these services are and what benefits they bring to the business.

Migration to Azure DevOps development environment

Azure DevOps is Microsoft’s SaaS platform with tools for work planning, collaborative code development, as well as program creation and deployment. SMART business provides recommendations on how to unite developers, project managers and other specialists involved in a project in a single environment.

If during their work your developers encounter such difficulties as long lead time for changes, low deployment frequency, high change failure rate during release and long mean time to recover, we advise you to pay attention to the following services:

SMART business will consult you on how to:

  1. Provide your teams with flexible task management options, as well as full visual control over products and projects,
  2. Provide fast and intelligent code generation using Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code,
  3. Automate the solution delivery process in any Azure service, such as Kubernetes for Azure, and fully control the process,
  4. Monitor the entire solution, receive responsive alerts, and get actionable insights from logs and telemetry using Azure Monitor.

Web application modernization in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. The platform provides a range of cloud services including Computing, Analytics, Storage and Networking.

SMART business recommends paying attention to migration to the cloud as it not only increases scalability and security, but also implies transition to a flexible “pay as you go” payment system.

Currently, the following services from SMART business are available on Azure Marketplace:

SMART business will provide recommendations regarding the following main areas:

  1. Migrating applications to the cloud
  2. Optimization of existing solutions in the cloud
  3. Scaling applications in the cloud
  4. Resource cost optimization

As a result of the assessment service, you receive a strategy, plan, and architectural solution for modernizing your web applications.

If you would like advice on upgrading your web applications or migrating to Azure DevOps, please contact

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