Changes in SMART Payroll module due to the martial law in Ukraine. Functionality improvements for Georgia and Azerbaijan

The article provides an overview of the SMART Localization solution updates included in Release Note v. 2022.04. Please note that settings for new modules are made manually and we remind you that SMART Localization consists of 2 parts: 

  • SMART Accounting – automation of accounting and tax accounting. 
  • SMART Payroll – automation of HR and Payroll processes. 

The solution is based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system. To learn more about the functionality, follow the link: 

In Ukraine, improvements of the HR module are primarily due to the introduction of martial law. The changes also relate to the registration of specialists working for the Resident of Diia City. 

  1. The following examples of options for adding absences and calculations with employees during the war have been created:
    • Registration of mobilized employees and volunteers of territorial defense;
    • Paid vacation or unpaid vacation;
    • Remote work;
    • Downtime.
  2. The information of military registration in the Person card has been updated. The “Employee Card P-2” report has been updated and supplemented with the formation of military registration information. 
  3. Generation of “Notification of military registration information changing” and “List of citizens to register” military registration reports has been added according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 07, 2016, No. 921. 
  4. Generation of a monthly report on salary debt in the “3-debt” form in Excel and xml formats has been added in accordance with the order of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine dated June 25, 2021, No. 136. 
  5. The “Notice of hiring an employee/concluding a gig contract” report form has been updated in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 28, 2021 No. 1392. 
  6. Changes have been made to the “Report on employment of persons with disabilities (No. 10-POI)” in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Social Policy dated October 13, 2021, No. 589, which entered into force on February 1, 2022. 
  7. Creation of examples of the necessary settings and calculations for tax exemptions of specialists working for a Resident of Diia City:
    • Under an employment contract with a Resident of Diia City;
    • Under a special gig contract concluded with a Resident of Diia City;
    • Under a civil law contract with a specialist registered as an individual entrepreneur.

Functionality changes in SMART Payroll for Georgia:

  1. The ability to export Income Tax Declaration in xml format has been added. 
  2. The settings of the elements for accounting for the use of a car by an employee for personal purposes have been updated. The “Vehicle Use Declaration” report has been updated. 
  3. The VAT type of payroll element has been added, as well as the capability of marking payroll elements included in the VAT calculation base. Payroll element with VAT type is posted as deduction and creates entries in the VAT Ledger Entry.
  4. The ability to import salary payments to the Payroll Sheet and automatically search and reconcile the payment with the payroll document has been added. 
  5. The capability of posting an order for other absence with the time activity code for overtime on a working day has been added. 
  6. The ability to automatically add a list of payroll elements that are used for deductions and accruals for participants in the pension system has been implemented. This can be useful if there is a large number of such elements that are created to get detailed payroll analytics. 

Functionality changes in SMART Payroll for Azerbaijan:

  1. Sick leave calculation has been updated. The AE Periods for sick leave are determined without taking into account the time worked by the employee at the current place, the number of months from the Sick Leave Setup is always used. For the months when the employee did not work, the days according to the official calendar are used.
  2. Settings for calculating tax elements from vacation compensation by year of accrual have been added.
  3. The capability of posting an order for other absence with the time activity code for overtime on a working day has been added. 
  4. The ability to create time sheet details when posting the line of “Employee Journal” and “Vacation Journal” has been added. 

Colleagues, please note that release 04.2022 contains updates of the SMART Accounting module only for Georgia. 

The main changes include the following: 

  1. Functionality for Waybills in terms of RS.GE Integration has been improved and some of the bugs were fixed. 
  2. Functionality for VAT Invoices in terms of RS.GE Integration has been improved and some of the bugs were fixed. 
  3. Adding new modifications to WHT Functionality, fixing existing bugs. Improving logic for Reversals. 
  4. Adjusting Income Tax Declaration and Pension Report to consider WHT Entries. 
  5. Changing Currency Rate Import from NBG due to NBG Portal Updates. 
  6. Changes applied to Property Tax Declaration for more flexible setups of Assessed Tax Codes. 

If you are already a SMART business client, please note that the update has already been released and the email with a complete list of new functionality is already in your inboxes. 

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