Key Updates in Dynamics 365 Products: Plan Overview April 2022 – September 2022

In this article, we invite you to take a look at a selection of new Dynamics 365 features that Microsoft plans to release from April 2022 to September 2022.

Dynamics 365 Marketing continues to invest in collaboration by enabling collaborative content creation with Microsoft Teams. Marketers can use content fragments and themes to improve authoring efficiency.

Investments in Data and AI enable marketers to also author content with advanced personalization using codeless experiences.

Microsoft goes further and offers its users not only automated mailings, but also automated correspondence. If a customer used keywords in an SMS message, Dynamics 365 Marketing recognizes them and sends an automatic response without the personal involvement of marketers. Learn more.

Automated correspondence between the system and customers

Dynamics 365 Sales is putting data to work and enabling seamless collaboration to empower sales professionals to be more productive and deliver value in every customer interaction.

Business data is now ambient and actionable from within Microsoft 365 interfaces, enabling sellers to quickly establish context and act on data. Everyone is already used to the fact that you can easily pull up correspondence from Outlook to Dynamics 365. But in the 2022 Release Wave 1, integration with Teams is deepening.

Opportunity in Dynamics 365 presented in the Teams interface

The Dynamics 365 messaging extensions for Teams already allows users to edit business data shared over chats in a modal pop-up. With this feature, participants in the conversation can take actions right on the preview information card itself, thereby increasing productivity and response rate on chats.

Feature details

  • Business users can share Dynamics 365 records as live information cards with inline actions on Teams chats.
  • Recipients cannot only see but also edit the details that matter – such as the opportunity score, estimated close date and revenue, and status – right from within the message.

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Using a single workspace in the Sales Hub, sellers can adjust their sales pitch using AI-guided live feedback and suggestions, and managers can track team performance and provide valuable coaching to help boost customer satisfaction.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service continues to invest in delivering capabilities that ensure personalized service across channels, empower agents, and make collaboration easier in an ever-increasing remote world.

With the new Customer Service Admin center app, we’re simplifying the setup with guided, task-based experiences making it easier to get up and running quickly.

Feature details

  • Consolidated administration experiences across Customer Service Hub, Omnichannel admin center, and app profile manager.
  • Task-oriented site map.
  • Overview pages for each area that list at-a-glance information with deep links to manage features.
  • Feature landing pages with an overview of the feature-specific capabilities.
  • Wizard-like getting started experience.

Enhancements to the inbox view allow agents to rapidly work through issues across channels while maintaining a focus on the customer. Investments in collaboration with Microsoft Teams include data integration, AI-suggested contacts, and AI-generated conversation summaries.

Lastly, investments in knowledge management include relevance search integration and historical analytics, and unified routing with default queue enhancements and routing diagnostics.

Dynamics 365 Field Service brings innovative enhancements and usability improvements to the schedule board. The new schedule board is now at functional parity with the previous version, and we are enhancing the user experience of hourly and multi-day views to improve dispatcher productivity.

Additionally, the Field Service mobile application includes enhancements to boost technician productivity and is now fully supported on Windows devices.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations is investing in enabling capabilities ranging from onboarding, estimating, and using resources from external talent pools helping to boost efficiencies in project planning and delivery. Customers will also be able to upgrade from Project Service Automation to Project Operations using an in-place upgrade experience. In addition, customers can bring their own project management tools through a generic API where task scheduling can happen in the project management tool of choice and then integrate to Project Operations, becoming available to users in a read-only manner. Resource scheduling and booking would remain in Project Operations.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft’s customer data platform, expands the footprint of consent enablement features across more areas within Customer Insights. It enables customers to integrate and harmonize consent data from multiple consent systems and data sources. This will ensure that consent permissions and preferences of your customers are honored during real-time personalization scenarios in Customer Insights. New data enrichment capabilities will enable customers to leverage our safe data collaboration capability to share and enrich their customer data. Safe data collaboration puts you in control of your data with privacy-enabled workflows to join and enrich your data with other datasets.

Dynamics 365 Business Central. Just by making a brief look at the release notes, you may notice a vast list of new application features. The Jobs module gets feature updates as well as Financials; other examples include a globally available page to find entries and documents, default dimensions for locations, just-in-time check of documents and journals as you type, consolidation of customers and vendors, and more.

New features for administration include the following:

  • the ability to define default permission set assignments when users sign up,
  • support for granular privileges that client delegates to the partner,
  • permission set handling enhancements including subtractions.

Developers now will have an option to:

  • create and use isolated events, which allow to continue firing subscribers even in case of faulty ones,
  • develop Excel layouts for reports,
  • use a built-in performance profiler in web client,
  • work with additional tools for database performance analysis and telemetry.

Last but not least – support for context-aware links in the help pane which can be extended by partners will help to provide more targeted assistance to users.   

Dynamics 365 Finance is launching the general availability of subscription billing to ensure organizations can thrive in a service-based economy. Microsoft is enabling customers to maximize financial visibility and profitability by bringing intelligent automation around vendor invoicing, financial close through ledger settlements, and year-end close services. 

In addition, Microsoft is releasing to market the preview of Tax Audit and Reporting Service and continuing to enhance globalization offerings in Globalization Studio such as Tax Calculation and Electronic Invoicing. With Globalization Studio, these low-code globalization services and their multi-country content will be available to any first and third-party app and extended with prebuilt ISV connectors. 

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management investments continue to focus on driving agility and resilience in the supply chain. Enhanced warehouse and manufacturing execution workloads enable businesses to scale mission-critical operations using cloud and edge scale units. Planning Optimization brings new manufacturing scenarios and planning strategies to help businesses, and manufacturers, shorten planning cycles, reduce inventory levels, and improve customer service. The new global inventory accounting functionality allows inventory accounting in multiple representations to simplify operations for businesses working in multiple currencies or facing different local and global accounting standards. 

We look forward to the implementation of new functionality from Microsoft! 

We also remind you that SMART business has created and is constantly improving a number of applications based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. During the war and during the post-war recovery period, we decided to make licenses for applications and solutions developed by SMART business free for all businesses implementing the project in the spring-summer of 2022 for a period of 6 months from the date of registration. 

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