Microsoft introduces Viva Sales, a modern app for sales managers that brings CRM, Microsoft 365, and Teams together

In June, Microsoft announced the release of a new tool Viva Sales created based on the needs of sales managers. This application allows you to use Microsoft 365 Apps to automatically enter, process, and update customer data in your CRM system.

This approach not only saves time on managers’ operational tasks, but adds a new source of information to help improve communication with customers and speed up the deal closing cycle.

What problems of sales managers does Microsoft Viva Sales help to solve?

  • Customer data can be difficult to update because it is updated in different programs and apps
  • Sales managers lack understanding of the context of the situation to make decisions: for example, how communication with the customer was built before, whether he or she received marketing materials, whether he or she sent requests or asked for clarifications – any agreements matter, so they need to be recorded
  • After each communication with the customer, the manager is forced to update the information in CRM and track any changes to forecast sales
  • Most companies still have a lot of “manual work” in the sales process

With the release of the Viva Sales app, it is possible to eliminate these problems and take the productivity of the sales team to the next level.

Viva Sales expands the capabilities of existing CRM

Microsoft is committed to providing the best productivity and collaboration experience for all customers, so Viva Sales can work alongside any CRM. The application automatically collects customer data using the labeling feature and transfers it to CRM.

Managers can also get information from any Microsoft 365 software—such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook—and share it with other team members to collaborate across Office and Teams apps. There are also other useful features, such as call transcripts, which allow you to focus on communication with the customer without the distraction of taking notes.

The video shows how Viva Sales can integrate customer interaction data from Microsoft Dynamics into Office, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Viva Sales works as a personal sales coach, who reminds you in time of the best way to reach an agreement with a customer and what exactly should be done for this. Managers get information at the right time, in the right context and see the tools to optimize their experience.

The application is built on the Microsoft Viva platform, which combines knowledge, goals and ideas to enable every person and team to reach the highest professional level.

How does Viva Sales work with Dynamics 365 Sales?

Viva Sales will be included in Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Dynamics 365 Sales Premium at no additional cost. With this inclusion, Dynamics 365 Sales now satisfies the needs of both sales managers and Heads of Sales by automatically enriching Dynamics 365 Sales with customer acquisition data from Microsoft 365.

Viva Sales – an automated assistant for every sales manager

The world is rapidly changing, and sales teams need to be transformed. Collecting and updating data is only one part of the sales process because managers need to be able to act on that data quickly and accurately. Viva Sales seamlessly syncs information and provides the AI-driven advice and next steps businesses need to improve sales force productivity and ensure more personalized customer communications.

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