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  • Evaluate your talent acquisition channels

    To evaluate talent attraction channels, you need to use talent attraction channels. Preferably, several ones. In SMART HCM & LMS, there is a Recruiting Channel catalogue that includes all search and recruitment channels with which integration has been implemented and where advertisements are posted. When creating a vacancy in the system, a recruiter selects the […]

  • Employee wellbeing with Viva Insights

    The mental and physical health of employees certainly affects the success of the entire company. The wellbeing of people contributes to their work productivity and engagement. Companies that prioritize employee care are 25 percent more profitable than their peers that don’t, according to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is also worth […]

  • Next-Generation PBX: Voice and Video Calls with Teams Calling

    Traditionally, Microsoft Teams has been seen as a means of internal communication for employees, but over the past 3 years, Microsoft has developed a way to transform Teams into a corporate phone system. The capabilities of a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) have been added to the platform. From now on, users can: Call external users […]

  • What new is coming to Microsoft Teams in 2021?

    The SMART business team has virtually attended the annual Microsoft Ignite event, where the latest updates to Microsoft products and services are presented, and is now ready to share with you what’s new to Teams in 2021. If you are interested in functionality that’s already available on the platform, we invite you to familiarize yourself […]

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Update: 2021 Release Wave 1

    2021 Release Wave 1 is the first of two major updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which will be rolled out in phases from April to September 2021. Improving Business Central, Microsoft continually invests in application enhancements to help existing and future customers get the most out of their ERP systems. The updates in […]

  • Viva Learning – Hub for Employee Learning

    According to the LinkedIn Learning Report, 57% of L&D experts are betting heavily on online learning. It is also expected that the budgets that organizations spend on ILT (instructor-led training) will decrease, while the funds spent on online learning will increase. Therefore, we can safely say that online education is one of the main trends […]

  • Microsoft Viva: Empowering every employee for the new digital age

    94% of employees say they would stay in the company if it invested in their training and development. It’s hard to argue with the statement that taking care of your employees is an integral part of the work process. Now business processes are migrating to the digital environment as much as possible, it is necessary […]

  • 3 low-code trends: why low-code will be big in your 2021 tech strategy

    Dona Sarkar, Principal Cloud Advocate, Thursday, January 14, 2021 Whether you’re a software developer or someone who uses technology for their job, the way we work has changed over the last year. Much of the workforce was working remotely. Serving customers became a challenge. Organizations needed to transform basic pen and paper processes done in […]

  • Quick approvals, offline work and shared calendars for Teams channels: January updates

    Please find below the new Microsoft Teams functionality that became available in January 2021. We hope the fact that the Teams communication platform is developing so rapidly makes you as happy, as we are! Chat & Collaboration Approvals in Teams Approvals tool enables everyone, from frontline employees to top management, to easily create, manage, and […]

  • Free use of Premium version and redesigned web interface home page – new in Power BI

    Reporting DirectQuery for Power BI datasets Power BI has several methods for connecting to data. When using the import method, the entire dataset is loaded to a dataset that will be published to the Power BI portal. The disadvantage of this method is increased dataset size. Alternatively, the DirectQuery connect method can be used. It […]


    Collecting and analyzing user feedback, in 2020 the SMART business team worked to improve the SMART HCM & LMS system for more convenient and efficient use. SMART HCM & LMS is designed to automate HR processes and Employee Journey in large and small businesses of various industries. The goal of the system is to improve […]

  • Teams updates: virtual breakout rooms, meeting pre-join experience and end-of-meeting notifications

    Happy new 2021 year! In this article, we invite you to take a quick step back in time and find out what new functionality appeared in the Teams collaboration platform in December 2020. Meetings Virtual Breakout Rooms Rooms allow organizers to divide the meeting into small groups to facilitate discussion and brainstorming. A room can […]