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January 19 2023

Updating the system for financial accounting and integration with PrivatBank and VCHASNO: how Inter Cars Ukraine modernizes processes

  • Inter Cars Ukraine is part of the Inter Cars Group network, founded by the Polish company Inter Cars S.A., which is the largest distributor of automotive parts and auto products in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Since 2009, the head office in Poland and representative offices in 16 countries around the world have kept financial records in Microsoft Navision. The system is convenient for companies scattered around the world, because it allows them to keep financial records in a single system, using, respectively, a single functionality and a single management and accounting policy.


Inter Cars Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Distribution
Company size: Large

Customer profile:

The key clients of Inter Cars are car repair shops, transport companies and car shops, for which a full cycle of services is provided: sales, logistics service and technical support.

Software and Services:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV
SMART Accounting

  • In 2019, it was decided to switch to a more modern version of the system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV*, which ‘untied the hands’ of the management of Inter Cars Ukraine, who had long been thinking about a number of improvements for employees and customers.

    *Modern name of the system is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


    What opportunities did the use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV open up?

    Simplified integration with third-party systems

    The new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV made it possible to implement integrations with a number of external programs, such as payment systems or solutions for electronic document flow.

    For example, integration with the Privat24 service has now been completed. Paying a bill for auto products is now as easy as paying utility bills. The supplier instantly receives confirmation of payment and can ship the goods.

    Access to the new Inter Cars Ukraine catalog

    With the system upgrade, the customer got access to a new catalog that has many advantages: it is a modern product, it works faster, it contains more information. In addition, the new catalog has an extremely useful feature: the manager of any branch of Inter Cars Ukraine can help the client to select a product by logging into the online system with him or her.

    System performance

    When using the SaaS model of the system, the computing capabilities are expanded automatically. That is, Microsoft takes on this task, independently adjusting the amount of resources necessary for the stable operation of the system.

    When using the on-premises model, the task of scheduling server resources is on the side of the company. The transition to the new version of Dynamics NAV opened up new opportunities for scaling computing capabilities and more rational resource management. This made it possible to significantly speed up data processing.

    Also, the new version has the ability to process documents in the queue and start deferred accounting. This allows users to unblock the work of many transactions and documents: the system processes the flow, and employees can do other tasks at the same time.


    About system localization and accounting in Ukraine

    It is not enough to update the system. In each of the 17 countries, it was necessary to take care of the localization of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, that is, adaptation to local legislation.

    “In Ukraine, we chose SMART business with their SMART Accounting solution because this Microsoft partner had deep expertise, the largest number of integrations and successful implementation projects for a similar business area – distribution of auto parts.

    SMART Accounting is updated regularly. Therefore, we are always sure that accounting is carried out according to the letter of the law.”

    Author's imageOleksandr HomanIT Manager at Inter Cars Ukraine


    More about integration with PrivatBank

    Previously, it could take up to several hours, and sometimes days, to process client payments to Inter Cars. For example, if you paid at 4:00 pm, you could expect bank statements to be posted until the next morning. All this time unable to buy goods.

    After integration with the PrivatBank payment system, the consumer was able to pay in one of two convenient ways:

    From any PrivatBank terminal anywhere in the country.
    Using a phone by simply scanning a QR code.

    This greatly accelerated all processes.

    “With the outbreak of the war, we were forced to offer smaller installments for clients, because the company did not have free money. And the issue was not only in the general deterioration of the economic situation in Ukraine, but in the fact that, retreating, the troops of the russian federation completely destroyed the office and central warehouse of Inter Cars Ukraine, which were located in the village of Horenka, Kyiv region.

    At the time of the destruction, the warehouse stored car spare parts worth over UAH 460,000,000. Therefore, it was time to start saving both human resources and funds. Therefore, payments directly to branches in 2-3 minutes were not just a wish, but a necessity”.

    Author's imageOleksandr HomanIT Manager at Inter Cars Ukraine

    The integration is now complete. The project can be called 100% successful, because the system ended up fully automated. Acceptance of payments through PrivatBank does not require almost any involvement of an accountant. If earlier the employee was forced to manually post payments based on the purpose of the payment, now the system itself finds and closes everything.

    Considering that there are more than 60,000 clients in the system, this made life much easier for Inter Cars employees.


    About integration with VCHASNO

    Currently, the process of launching electronic document management in Inter Cars Ukraine is underway. Why is it a must have for a modern company?

    First, the strategy of moving away from printed documents is part of the concern for the environment.

    Secondly, it is the saving of enterprise resources, the improvement of customer service processes, as well as the acceleration of processes. All this has a direct impact on business performance.

    Many companies begin the process of introducing electronic document management for the exchange of invoices, acts and consignment notes with the counterparties, which gives an instant effect, and only then move on to signing internal documents. Therefore, if integration with VCHASNO seems to be an overwhelming task, you can follow the example of Inter Cars Ukraine and introduce electronic document management gradually.

    “2022 showed that Ukraine and Ukrainian businesses in particular cannot be stopped. Inter Cars Ukraine lost the central warehouse with goods worth millions of dollars, their branches in Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Kherson found themselves in an extremely difficult situation.

    And how did the company respond to these wartime challenges? It not only works, but also opens new branches and invests in digital transformation. The transition to the new version of the system has been completed, the integration with PrivatBank has been completed. Integration with VCHASNO will be completed in 2023.

    On the company’s website, I saw the following phrase: ‘Do everything you can – for the sake of Victory.’ We at SMART business fully support this slogan. Working for the Victory.

    Author's imageNatalya OnyshchukСЕО SMART business


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