Success Story: NRF

  • Leading Dutch producer of cooling systems moves to a secure digital interaction environment

    Since 1927, NRF has been a leading manufacturer of cooling parts and solutions for the automotive market, industrial, railway and marine sectors. NRF is known for the production of high quality radiators, as well as a large range of other engine cooling and air conditioning products. The company employs 350 people in 9 locations worldwide. Those people are in contact with each other daily. Earlier, NRF was working with various messengers and applications. This situation made the company management decide to look for a single tool for internal corporate communication. This tool also needs a secure way of communication and sharing confidential documents and information. NRF chose Microsoft Office 365 because it met all the requirements NRF had.


Country: the Netherlands
Industry: Manufacturing
Customer size: Small (0-500 employees)

Customer profile

NRF is one of the leaders in the sphere of developing and manufacturing cooling, heating and air conditioning systems. It has 8 plants, over 8,000 assortment items and well-developed distribution throughout the world (more than 80 countries).

Software and services

Microsoft Office 365 E1
Microsoft Office 365 adoption
Microsoft Teams
Power Automate
Microsoft Planner

  • Integration issues and steps taken

    The decision to start collaborating with SMART business stemmed from the global situation and the necessity for companies to switch to remote work. By this time, Microsoft had launched their offer regarding a 6-month trial version of Microsoft Office 365 E1, which NRF used.

    The integration was complicated by the fact that the customer’s infrastructure was quite old, all Office 365 applications had different versions (starting from 2010), and low mailbox synchronization speed was observed. Before implementing Microsoft services, it was impossible to share commercially important documents online due to the lack of an application that would meet the needed security requirements, which was a great problem for the company. OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online apps helped solve this issue. The IT security department established policies and procedures on work with documents in Office 365 inside the company and with external contractors. Now users can send files for shared access and editing in line with the specified security rules: with the prohibition of downloading and making changes (read-only mode) or with full access to the document for specific persons.

    The main privilege of launching Microsoft Office 365 E1 services was the improvement of internal communication between teams with a convenient and secure tool, Microsoft Teams. The employees also got interested in the Microsoft Planner, One Note, Forms and Power Apps applications.



    Adoption process

    To quickly set up the work process, start using all package features and maximize the benefit from Microsoft Office 365 E1 within short timeframes, SMART business provided support to the customer company in launching the Microsoft Office 365 adoption program. By doing that, it was possible to reduce the time spent on creating a digital workplace, introducing Office 365 tools into the daily processes, and adapting employees to the new interaction environment.

    Webinars on technical and licensing aspects, application use cases and tips on sorting out tricky integration issues are regularly held for the company employees willing to learn more. Not only does this initiative significantly increase the innovation adoption level, but it also lets employees share their experience, solve the arising problems in real time and get timely feedback.

    The company management is deeply interested in organizing a convenient work environment for existing and new personnel of all age groups. Using modern tools, supporting company image, increasing the level of employee satisfaction and involvement in corporate life are the key development directions. By improving the user work style, it is possible to increase the efficiency of team as a whole and each employee individually.


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