Success Story: UIA

  • Automation of customer service processes for the largest air carrier in Ukraine using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

    The most valuable thing in contacting the contact center of any airline is the prompt response to requests.

    Before collaborating with SMART business, UIA employees manually registered all customer requests, entered passenger details, ticket number, recorded the problem and its solution in writing. Calls, mails, and chats were time consuming to process and the company did not have an automated customer database.
    Subsequently, an ambitious goal of improving customer service emerged. To do this, it was necessary to reduce routine work and free up time for employees to focus on customers.


Ukraine International Airlines
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Air transportation
Customer weight: Corporation with 700+ users

Customer profile

UIA is an industry-forming company in Ukraine that uses the operating model of a network low-cost airline and specializes in passenger and cargo transportation.
UIA connects Ukraine with 38 countries in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East. It operates 1,100 international and domestic flights per week.

Software and services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (on-premises)
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Service Desk

  • Ukraine International Airlines, together with the SMART business team, have fully automated the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process and transferred the processing of customer requests to a unified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) system. The airline has abandoned “manual maintenance” of its customer base in favor of a solution that integrates all passenger data. Additionally, the contact center management was reorganized and the judicial protection processes were automated.


    The implemented solution allowed organizing a single space for processing data on each passenger, automating the process of registering requests with the ability to track their full life cycle. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE collects all communications from all customers across all communication channels into one system. This significantly saves the time of the contact center employees: you can immediately see all information about the client while processing the application and find the necessary data from the history of requests and trips.

    Contact center management enables sending questionnaires based on the contact results, record the status of communications, evaluate the performance of operators, and reward employees based on it. CRM analytics demonstrates the effectiveness of each operator: this is additional incentive and external assessment that makes it possible to identify how satisfied the customer is with the level of service. The system also monitors the workload of employees: customer calls are distributed evenly, and a report on any process occurring in the organization can be generated.

    Thanks to the use of the Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365 solution, a “single window” was organized for contact center operators to enable them work simultaneously with several systems, which provides the airline with the ability to handle 150,000 cases per month. The interface of each call session is conveniently configured, so that all the necessary information is displayed in a single screen format, and there is no need to switch tabs.

    When being contacted, an operator sees the date of birth, expiration date of bonus miles, periodic events and additional notifications about upcoming flights on the customer card. Thanks to this, they can promptly inform the passenger about all current promotions specially for them.


    “The first result of work is the CRM knowledge base where each operator can find the necessary information upon request. Secondly, the statistics the system provides us with: we can calculate the effectiveness of each employee and communication channel. Thirdly, having individual approach to customers, seeing their personal priorities, such as the last flights or what kind of food they most often order on board. The contact center can show the business the points where customers cannot interact with the company by themselves. They need to additionally contact the contact center for clarification.”

    Author's imageKyrylo TkachenkoHead of Contact Center, UIA

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE integrations with third-party systems ensure data collection from different sources in a single place. This gives UIA the opportunity to unify the process of collecting information and facilitates its processing.

    • Telephony and IVR – ensures recording of calls to the contact center, and also provides the ability to control the voice menu taking into account the customer’s
    • Integration with the loyalty and booking system – information from the systems is updated periodically and at the request of the operator to receive up-to-date information.
    • Integration with an external database of ticket sales and a billing system – ensures consolidation of sold tickets and generates invoices to be paid.
    • Integration with the main UIA website makes it possible to receive the survey results and, based on these data, assess the NPS.
    • Integration with internal and external mail servers, which enables sending bulk mailings about current offers and discounts.
    • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for making payments.
    • Integration with a chatbot, which records communication with the bot and saves it in the CRM system.

    Taking this into account, it can be concluded that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE system automates the work of the company, and also makes the life of passengers easier.

    Due to the common goal and actions of the UIA and SMART business teams, it was possible to optimize the functions of the contact center: the search for the necessary information is much faster, which significantly affects the quality of services. Thanks to the prompt solution of issues, passengers can enjoy their travelling, and UIA can improve customer service even further.


    “UIA strived to develop, to develop its employees. It was necessary to free the time of the contact center employees from routine tasks in order to focus their attention on working with customers. They managed to achieve their goals using the system. For us, this is the biggest reward, because passenger convenience means the airline’s success.”

    Author's imageNatalya OnyshchukCo-founder and CEO of SMART business

    SMART business specializes in the implementation, localization and development of ERP and CRM systems based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, as well as in the development of solutions using data analysis and artificial intelligence technologies. To solve business problems we use cloud products: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Office 365, Yammer, Teams, Project, Flow, SharePoint.

    As a Microsoft Gold Partner and an expert in developing digital business culture, SMART business is driving digital transformation of companies of all sizes, industries and sectors in more than 60 countries around the world.

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