• AI gives Ukrainian internet taxi service real competitive edge.


    Uklon – online taxi service. Created in 2010 and one of the 1st popular online taxi and car service in Ukraine. Microsoft about the success story of the Uklon service.


    By smart use of Microsoft Azure-powered Machine Learning Kyiv’s Uklon Internet taxi service Uklon is doing just fine – and even expanding into more major Ukrainian cities. And delivers unique service pricing that customers love, and nobody else in the market can offer.

    There are no standard fares for Ukrainian cabs, so customers needing a ride sometimes need to ‘bid up’ at busy times to secure a driver. This can take time and needs the customer to guesstimate the best new tariff they want to offer a driver – it was in effect a “lottery”.


    “As a result of productive cooperation, we have fulfilled a number of advantages for the customer, including business-process formalization, standard CRM components configuration and new ones creation. Excellence of the joint project team and its synergy allowed analyzing, shaping and fulfilling the bank’s tasks in customer relationships sphere in the shortest terms.”

    Author's imageVitaliy Diatlenkoco-founder and Chief Technology Officer, UKLON

    Uklon has automated that process, working with the help of local Microsoft Gold tech partners SMART Business to use data science to suggest the optimal fare price to bid. As a result, suggested fares the customer is offered – based on factors like time of day, traffic, distance and previous fares accepted – come from a customized Uklon algorithm running on Microsoft Azure developed by SMART Business. The approach takes full advantage of Azure’s extensive range of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and data analytics services.


    Microsoft Azure-delivered algorithms has caused a significant increase in customer interest and loyalty in the Uklon brand. This is shown in the company’s marked increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) rankings, he adds, with its biggest competitor’s NPS score dropping from 43 to 22 while Uklon has climbed to 30.

    Next steps for Uklon including extending this successful data-backed business model to other cities to use AI and beat even the strongest competition.

    “That is good news for Uklon’s vital taxi partners – and is definitely helping the bottom line. Customers immediately accept the suggested fare 75% of the time, while use of analytics and Machine Learning has directly boosted average successful taxi bookings by 18% at peak times.”

    Author's imageDaniel VakhovskyiChief Marketing Officer, UKLON

    “By turning our data into a real business asset, we made our service more attractive for our market, while our internal operations based on the latest and most relevant performance metrics”

    Author's imageVitaliy Diatlenkoco-founder and Chief Technology Officer, UKLON

    “In the world of product commodity you can compete only within business models. And those who will utilize intelligent technologies fast will win the game. With Microsoft AI platform business can innovate and accelerate with powerful tools and services that bring AI to every unit.”

    Author's imageKirill RudnevCOO, SMART business

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    Uklon – online taxi service. Created in 2010 and one of the 1st popular online taxi and car services in Ukraine.
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