Success Story: YURiA-PHARM

  • Ukrainian pharmaceutical leader nurtures its collaborative, sharing culture

  • YURiA-PHARM is specialized international pharmaceutical company. With 15 new drugs released annually, it is a company that has one of the most dynamic growth rates in Ukraine.


    In the past five years, YURiA-PHARM—one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine—has developed rapidly, with a growing number of offices and 150 percent more employees. However, with this welcome growth, some new challenges surfaced.

    New digital applications, reconsidered and improved business processes have created a modern digital workplace.
    How to make employees like working in a new way and ensure that company gains business benefits?

    “We started to worry that colleagues were finding it difficult to communicate and work together due to some of the distances involved as we grew into a multinational organization; we now have a presence in more than 30 countries. We wanted to see if there was a way to make collaboration easier for the team, while also keeping our special YURiA-PHARM culture as ‘human’ as it had so far always been.”

    Author's imageNataliia ZinchenkoHR Director, YURiA-PHARM


    To address these communication issues, the company worked in close collaboration with its internal IT team and its chosen IT advisor, SMART business. It supported YURiA-PHARM in its transition to digital work by way of its FastTrack adoption program, which helps companies smoothly migrate to Office 365. In just six short weeks, YURiA-PHARM has introduced a completely new digital way of working.

    The was a goal to learn how to work in a new format and in a more efficient way, to establish new, improved work models and habits. The role of technology in this process is to help us.
    There are always two sides to such projects: “technological” side of the change and the “human” one – change management. That is why, in the formula of successful digital transformation, technologies help people.

    YURiA-PHARM systematized the information, placed all the documents in the file storage, organized functional groups in Microsoft Teams, created a space in Yammer, in which more than 1200 employees are already actively communicating. And also implemented the internal corporate portal SmartPoint Intranet, built on Microsoft SharePoint technology, which is an extremely convenient tool for collaboration between employees.

    “The new collaboration environment was created by combining Office 365, Microsoft Teams and SmartPoint Intranet. Now we are provided with a wide range of tools for document sharing, communication and quick exchange of information.”

    Author's imageTaras StoliarChief Corporate Excellence Officer, YURiA-PHARM


    A key success benchmark for YURiA-PHARM leadership is how active their employees are on Teams, where they can collaborate quickly to solve problems, regardless of location—and are now much easier to set up and support. Now the company has 500 working groups, connecting on Microsoft Teams. And Office 365 became safe and convenient storage for their documents.

    Change management in transformational projects gives momentum to creating and developing cross functional teams and implementation of “work in a new way” cases. There is understanding of the necessity of technologies, as well as capability of nurturing and managing “change agents”.
    As a result, conclusions are drawn based on the processes and positive experience is anchored.

    “Our productivity has risen by 6.5 percent; and our people are communicating faster, sharing information more efficiently, and improving the quality of their decision making.”

    Author's imageNataliia ZinchenkoHR Director, YURiA-PHARM

    Each Office 365 launch project is supported by a certified PROSCI change management specialist of SMART business. They develop project vision, Office 365 use scenarios, key performance indicators, employee training strategy and communication platform to switch to new work models.
    For example, the “How to act in a new way?” scenario is “embedded” into daily sessions or online meetings. Team and channel building standards are developed, as well as recommendations to them. All important events, such as strategic sessions and annual meetings with employees, take place in Office 365. Internal communications – sharing company business results, corporate event announcements, feedback requests, creating interest groups and top management addresses – occur in Yammer.

    “The idea of the project at “YURіYA-PHARM” is to improve the employees relationship and collaboration level. Company implemented the idea of a self-service single window in which a person receives all the information at once. This is a corporate portal SmartPoint Intranet, which is strengthened by a social network and collaboration tools. The effectiveness of the company depends on the quality of information transfer between people. This was the main goal of the project, and I believe that SMART business successfully coped with the tasks.”

    Author's imageKirill RudnevManaging Partner, SMART business

    Additional information

    YURiA-PHARM is specialized international pharmaceutical company with more than 20 years history and strong corporate values.
    For more details on the products of YURiA-PHARM please visit the site.

    SMART business provides services for development, maintenance and training of the ERP and CRM systems, systems based on predicative analytics and artificial intelligence. For 10 years we have been consulting and creating proprietary solutions based on Microsoft products, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI, as well as Data and AI technologies. SMART business has guided digital transformation in companies of different sizes, across different industries and sectors in more than 60 countries worldwide.

    For more details on products and services of SMART business company please call +38 (044) 585-35-50 or visit the site.

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