• Deliver a clear, logical and efficient processes for your business

    We give insight on every stage of the implementation process and do business understandable, logical and effective.

    Using best practices and advanced methodologies to ensure that your implementation project will be more predictable, delivered on-time and on budget.

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology

key to successful product implementation

  • 30


    Functional Requirements are analyzed and described to guarantee the scope of the project.

  • 65


    System is set up, additional functionalities are developed, integration test underway.

  • 90

    User Training

    Training program for all types of users, test for readiness.

  • 100

    Go Live Support

    System goes into live operation, users are supported during adoption period.

Benefits for your business

    • Understand the value

      Ability to understand and articulate the business value of the solution to all stakeholders in the organization.

    • Clear blueprint

      Ensuring that there is a clear solution blueprint established and all requirements are documented.

    • On-time delivery

      Ensuring that the solution is delivered as originally envisioned within scope, on time, and within established budget.

    • Software integration

      Ensuring an overall solution that can integrate multiple software packages.

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