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Building a digital ecosystem for effective work with partners

  • JTI Ukraine is one of the largest manufacturers of tobacco products in Ukraine. It is part of the Japan Tobacco International group of companies (headquartered in Geneva), the international tobacco business of the Japan Tobacco group of companies (headquartered in Tokyo).


Country: Ukraine
Industry: Manufacture and distribution of tobacco products
Company size: More than 800 employees

Customer profile

Japan Tobacco International Group has 27 factories and 400 offices around the world. The company has been operating in Ukraine since 1999. The central office is located in Kiev, there are regional offices throughout the country, and production facilities are concentrated in Kremenchug.

Software and Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 

  • JTI Ukraine manufactures products for both Ukrainian and foreign markets. The most famous brands are Winston, Camel, Glamour, Sobranie, LD, Richmond, Monte Carlo and Winchester.

    Since 2013, JTI has been using a partnership program to work with partner representatives of outlets, which requires timely and effective communication with representatives of the product sales endpoints.

    JTI is a company continuously striving for technological process improvement. If IT solutions can help speed up processes or reduce the amount of manual labor, such ideas will be implemented.

    “While a company uses any technical means to automate processes, business teams work closely with IT teams. We analyze how much the technical means that we use help the business process or, vice versa, complicate or slow it down.”

    Author's imageIryna BekeshIT Business Solutions Manager in JTI Ukraine

    The need to update the platform for the partnership program

    In 2018, JTI faced the need to update the platform and transform the partnership program as a whole.

    “As of 2018, we had a certain base for working with retail outlets. We used a corporate CRM, but its configuration did not allow us to involve an external audience in cooperation.

    Therefore, having decided to continue working with solutions from Microsoft, we started looking for an implementation partner who would not only help improve the business process and migrate to modern Microsoft Dynamics 365, but also develop a mobile application.”

    Author's imageAlina AbuzovaDigital Projects Manager in JTI Ukrain

    JTI chose SMART business to build a platform for the company’s interaction with partners representing retail outlets, where company employees could enter information and process it to cooperate with partners.

    Updates of platform core – Microsoft Dynamics 365 – and mobile app development

    In 2018, the previous version of CRM was updated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and a number of partnership program business processes were restructured and automated. The system is the so-called core of the digital platform, which stores all the information.

    The website and mobile applications used by the parties to the process are also integral parts of the platform. Applications developed for iOS and Android operating systems have significantly reduced the involvement of employees in the partnership program.

    “Together with SMART business, we have created a digital ecosystem centered on Microsoft Dynamics 365, to which other elements are connected, such as mobile applications, a website, and a corporate CRM system. Digitalization has allowed us to significantly reduce the amount of non-intellectual routine work. As of 2021, the need for manual work had decreased by almost 20 times.

    Author's imageIryna BekeshIT Business Solutions Manager in JTI Ukraine

    “We believe that IT solutions should empower employees, not complicate their lives. In the JTI project, everyone wins: the company’s sales partners, who used to spend a lot of time on routine tasks, are now able to engage in more intellectual and creative activities, and the business itself saved a lot of resources.

    This is what I see as the goal of SMART business’ existence: to strengthen other companies with our expertise and help with business process organization.”

    Author's imageNatalya OnyshchukСЕО SMART business

    “Certainly, SMART business helped us achieve these goals. First, they really listened carefully to our needs, translating them from business to technical language. Secondly, sometimes SMART business themselves acted as initiators of innovations, supplementing our ideas with their proposals.

    This can be safely called the synergy of two innovative and goal-oriented teams. Now we confidently call SMART business our strategic partner and are planning further steps to improve business processes.”

    Author's imageAlina AbuzovaDigital Projects Manager in JTI Ukrain


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